Have you read the recommendations to Government on Taxi and Private Hire licensing?

The report commissioned by the Government on updating taxi and private hire regulations is out. Read our summary here!
12 October, 2018

Sherlock Taxi launches new customer in Australia

myCar, Adelaide's only green chauffeur service becomes the first Sherlock Taxi in Australia!
20 September, 2018

Using technology to keep your customers happy

In these challenging times, it is more important than ever to keep your customers happy and using you time and time again. Sherlock Taxi can help you.
30 August, 2018

New addition to the Sherlock Taxi ranks

Operating in Brighton and Hove, Streamline Taxis has been in business since 1936 and now boast an impressive 650 drivers.
27 July, 2018

Not all dispatch systems are the same

When it comes to choosing a dispatch system it is easy to focus on price but what else should you be thinking about?
15 June, 2018

Success for Sherlock Taxi at this year’s PHTM Expo

Raising standards in taxi dispatch technology with the world's most advanced taxi solution.
17 May, 2018