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The Sherlock Taxi Solution

The Sherlock Taxi Solution is the world’s most advanced taxi system. It is developed by Haulmont Technology who has over 70 combined years of experience in the taxi industry. Haulmont has designed Sherlock Taxi to be a new, custom-built, end-to-end enterprise system to manage all aspects of the operations of taxi businesses. Sherlock Taxi boasts a huge range of business-proven functionality and processes, combined with the latest technological approaches and best-in-class third-party technology such as Google Maps and Android smartphones.

Designed to be scalable, flexible and constantly evolving, Sherlock Taxi offers business owners from across the world an out-of-the-box solution to efficiently manage their current business and be both the foundation and the enabler of massive growth in the future.

Unlike many of its competitors, Sherlock Taxi has been custom built for the taxi sector and designed by the team that has made Addison Lee a globally recognised industry leader through the multi-award winning Shamrock system. The Sherlock Taxi Team offers a full range of consultancy and custom software development to ensure that the solution can be adapted to meet the business requirements of a wide variety of markets and customers.

Sherlock Taxi currently supports fleets across the UK, Europe, America and the Middle East in multiple languages. It is a customisable end-to-end system that supports all types of work and fleet sizes with flexibility and scalability. Featuring the world’s most advanced Auto Allocation Dispatch System; a real-time dispatch system that achieves 98% automated fleet control combined with cutting-edge smartphone apps. Sherlock Taxi has enabled large fleets to grow by 80% and start-ups to grow from zero to near a thousand vehicles in just three years.

Continuous system development, regular upgrades, and 24/7 customer support are all included as part of the Sherlock Taxi licence, meaning customers will never be forced to upgrade or replace their dispatch software again to stay competitive.

Alongside solutions design, Haulmont offers consultancy on operations, strategy and all aspects of running the business, as well as access to Addison Lee and a global network of taxi providers for strategic partnerships, consultancy and affiliate relationships. Haulmont’s aim is to create an international customer network where clients in each country work together to offer a technology-led, seamless transport service for corporate and consumer customers.

  • Worldwide expertise
  • Built by taxi people for taxi people
  • Award winning end-to-end transportation system
  • The world’s most technically advanced Auto Allocation Dispatch
About Haulmont Technology

Haulmont Technology is part owned by and long-term software partner to Addison Lee; the UK’s largest minicab company. Formed in 2008, by the team that created Addison Lee’s Shamrock system, Haulmont Technology is an enterprise software developer in its own rights.

With over 200 developers, it has successfully delivered large scale enterprise IT systems into a number of business sectors. The company works from London in the United Kingdom and Samara in the south-eastern part of European Russia.

Haulmont Technology currently provides Addison Lee’s Shamrock system, The Sherlock Taxi Solution, Thezis, CUBA Platform and AR-12. Staff members from both offices are regularly onsite at customer locations and frequently visit both offices.

The talented developers employed by Haulmont have unparalleled expertise in designing and building dynamic scheduling systems, mobile workforce solutions, booking and dispatch systems and automating complex business processes to enable companies to streamline operations and grow their business.

Sherlock Taxi was awarded ‘Best Innovation’ at the National Business Awards, the UK’s ‘Business Oscars’ for Addison Lee’s Shamrock system and won the Vertical Market Solution of the Year in the ISV Category at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards for the Sherlock Taxi Solution in 2016.

  • Over 200 leading developers
  • Worldwide expertise
  • Multiple award-winning software solutions
  • World-leading technology solution