The Sherlock Taxi Installation Team will be on-site to ensure a smooth transition.

The Sherlock Taxi implementation team is world-class; they have implemented Sherlock Taxi in over 10 countries and are trained to the highest standards. The implementation period depends on the bespoke nature of your business requirements. During this time, our team of experts work with you, on site, to configure Sherlock Taxi perfectly for your business.

Initial configuration is done on a test server by constructing geographic data and Google Maps - this provides the basis for set-up pricing, response times and allocation criteria as well as address verification and routeing. This is followed by all driver, vehicle, staff member and equipment data being uploaded into Sherlock Taxi, followed by the web booker and iPhone app labelled with your branding. Credit card processors, SMS providers, and third-party partner systems are integrated as required, when ready for live testing, it is deployed on production servers which can be on-site or hosted by a third party.

  • Sherlock Taxi Team on-site for the installation
  • Award nominated implementation team
  • Complete Google Maps, pricing, response times, allocation, address variation and routeing set-up
  • Preceding customer, driver, staff member and equipment data configured
  • Consultancy advice prior and post installation
  • Option to run Sherlock Taxi in parallel with your existing system during the transition