LeCab grows fleet to over 2000 vehicles

LeCab continue to see phenomenal growth as they break through the 2000 vehicles barrier

Paris-based LeCab continue to go from strength to strength with Sherlock Taxi as the foundation of their operations. LeCab owners approached Sherlock Taxi in 2012 when launching their start-up in Paris. Starting with just 30 vehicles, the company has growth at an impressive and exciting pace and in 2016 reported revenues of €50 million.

We are delighted to announce that Lecab’s fleet has now grown to over 2,000 vehicles, servicing consumer and business clients across the whole of Paris and in several other French cities.

Benjamin Cardoso, CEO of LeCab has noted, "Sherlock Taxi is the foundation of LeCab's instant success and ongoing expansion. Our service is focused on a premier customer experience and Sherlock enables us to deliver this efficiently and at rapidly growing scale."

To learn more or see a product demo of Sherlock Taxi, contact us demo@sherlocktaxi.com