Central Taxis Coventry

Central Taxis Coventry live with Sherlock Taxi since February 2017.

Central Taxis Coventry, the largest private hire and taxi operator in Coventry is now using Sherlock Taxi to run its business operations. Since going live in February 2017, the company has seen increased efficiency and driver productivity through use of our unique auto-allocator. Central Taxis is the first one of our clients to actually automate 100% of bookings to ensure that the fleet is managed efficiently and fairly.

The General Manager, Marcus Jimenez commented, "It was a big transition for us as we had not changed systems in over 20 years and had not used a system which is based on a driver smartphone app before. For our peace of mind, the Sherlock team provided twenty-four hour onsite support at the most critical points for us."

For a system demo or to find out more, contact us on demo@sherlocktaxi.com