Flexible software designed to suit the needs of your business

Configuration and custom development options with Sherlock.

There are many traditional taxi dispatch systems on the market which offer an out of the box solution. These systems can be quick to install and can seem cheap to run but they are often inflexible as they are not designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. Users frequently complain about limited scope to make changes or integrate with other products and providers that are slow to implement new features, developing them on their own terms and timescales. Businesses are left battling against technology which doesn’t meet their needs and can actually hinder success.

Sherlock is a premium technology brand. Our product is developed for clients that understand the value of software that can be configured to enable key business processes to run smoothly. Sherlock is used by companies across the globe ranging from small start-ups with big aspirations, to established fleets with thousands of vehicles. This means that our standard product already has a vast range of features which are highly configurable; from booking channels and allocation, to driver wages and invoicing. Every feature in Sherlock has numerous settings so your Sherlock system can be tailored to do exactly what you need it to do.

What if your business needs more than configuration?

Some customers are looking for more than configurable features. Some have been wary of the costs involved in commissioning a custom solution or have previously tried it, only to be let down by the expense and time invested into a system which has ultimately not been successful. By choosing Sherlock, our customers are safe in the knowledge that they are choosing a provider which has a proven track record in developing custom technology for the industry.

Sherlock clients have the best of both worlds. You may be happy with the configurable options in Sherlock and just need a little customisation tailored to the specific needs of your business. Sherlock customers have the option to commission custom development. This means they can benefit from configurable settings within the product and the ability to have business-specific features developed by our in-house tech teams.

How does it work?

Customers come to us with their specific ideas/features which are key to their individual business needs and we can develop these to provide all the benefits of a bespoke system without the associated costs.

Examples of custom development

  • Queued allocation system – designed to ensure cars are allocated in the correct order at busy locations where several bookings are made at once. Our customer that requested this feature uses it at supermarket locations to collect multiple shoppers/separate trips in the correct order – it is a feature they had asked other tech providers about for many years but no other company had been able, or willing, to build it

  • Seat sensor integration – to monitor if drivers take street hire bookings without engaging the meter. This feature was developed for a customer that had a problem with drivers taking cash bookings and not declaring them

  • Booking screen changes to include cruise ship terminals – developed for a client with a contract to supply transport for cruise ship passengers in the city

Dedicated team

Some Sherlock customers choose to opt for another layer of customisation and have their own dedicated team. The team is employed by Sherlock and we recruit, train and manage them on the client’s behalf, removing the administrative burden of increased headcount. Customers with dedicated teams benefit from:

  • A team of developers that know their business in depth

  • An extension of their own tech resource

  • Ability to scale up and down team as required

  • The option to add new features to the product according to their own timescales

Operators that use Sherlock benefit from a highly developed product created in partnership between leading tech teams and industry experts to ensure it really does work in a real-world environment. Our standard product doesn’t ‘standstill’ as we continuously develop and add new features as the needs of the market change. In addition, for customers requiring something more tailored than configurable features, there is the option to commission business-specific customisation and even a dedicated team to move at your pace.

To find out more about the flexible customisation options available with Sherlock, please contact us.