Certainty in an uncertain world with a technology partner you can trust

It's time to think about future-proofing your business against whatever may come.

In our most recent blog, "Looking to brighter futures for the taxi industry," we talked about what a hard year it has been for the industry as a whole but that there is now hope for brighter futures with a return to normality in spring. 

It is clear that if we can learn one thing from Covid-19 it is that nothing is certain. As the industry looks forward to bouncing back in the new year, it is a good time to think about your business and future-proofing it against whatever may come. 

Your dispatch system is integral to the success of your business. Technology is the foundation which allows your business to provide excellent customer service, keep your drivers happy, scale up with demand and respond quickly to changing markets. 

Changes within the taxi industry in recent months have shown that trust is important. Your technology partner needs to deliver customer excellence through customisable booking channels and driver satisfaction through an intuitive and user-friendly app, as well as scale up with you to support growth. You need to trust that your partner can deliver what you need. 

Sherlock Taxi is developed by Haulmont Technology, a privately owned software company, and still run by its original founders, Paul Lacey and Alex Zotkin. Paul is well-known in the industry following a long and successful career at Addison Lee, London. 

Paul was actually the project lead at Addison Lee when they revolutionised their taxi dispatch software in the early 2000s with the goal of developing a dispatch system that would automate the majority of bookings, increasing fleet efficiency and enabling scale. As a result of the success of their new system, Addison Lee grew from 1,000 to 5,000 vehicles with year-on-year growth of 20% for five years following implementation. 

Sherlock Taxi was developed based on Addison Lee's solution to provide a dispatch system for the wider market, taking the key principles of Addison Lee's system - increasing fleet efficiency and profitability through customisable auto-allocation and using backend automation to scale up without increasing overheads - to provide a blank canvas in taxi dispatch for any business. 

Our team is committed to this level of excellence and we have built a product over 10 years which is continuously being developed and iterated to move with the fast pace of modern technology. Paul has since brought Mike Tobin in to lead the team, an industry expert and long-term colleague. Mike has had his own long and successful career at some of London's most successful companies, as General Manager at Addison Lee for 15 years and another five years as Operations Director and Managing Director at Green Tomato Cars. The team is genuinely committed to the industry as a whole, not just technology, and want to see local companies continue to prosper. 

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