Looking to brighter futures for the taxi industry

With the hopes of a return to normality in the spring of 2021, we can all begin to look towards a brighter future.

This year has been difficult for business and the taxi and private hire industry has suffered a significant downturn. Clearly a winter of restrictions is not what any of us want but there is light at the end of the tunnel. With the hopes of a return to normality in the spring of 2021, we can all begin to look towards a brighter future. We strongly believe that the taxi industry will bounce back and return to pre-pandemic levels in the new year. 

In the meantime, it is about making the best of any available opportunities in the current circumstances. This is where your taxi dispatch system becomes really important as it should be enabling you to make the most of the market and maximising your revenue making opportunities right now. 

We know that many businesses have turned to parcel delivery and courier-style services to keep their fleets busy during this time. With Christmas fast approaching and many opting to shop online, courier services will be extremely busy and there is opportunity to take on some of this work, supporting your local community at the same time. 

Sherlock is a forward-thinking provider and we are continuously developing our technology to add new features and help you to stay ahead of the competition. We have operated a parcel delivery service within Sherlock since 2017 which enables drivers to collect parcels from senders and distribute to the end consumer whilst tracking this within the driver app. In our latest update this year, we have added parcel delivery services to our customer booking apps to help operators like you. Our customers are then able to use job locations to apply targeted promo code campaigns to really capitalise on this and increase repeat usage. 

Several customers across the UK and Europe have used the parcel delivery feature for the first time this year. Customers have used the feature to partner with local pubs and restaurants to deliver takeaways, supporting local business and their local communities simultaneously. We also had customers using the feature to deliver IT equipment on behalf of corporate clients to their staff at the beginning of the UK lockdown. One customer, Husk, in Belgium has used the feature so successfully that many of their customers are currently using the service to deliver Christmas presents to their employees in lieu of a Christmas party this year: https://bit.ly/39fbNG5.

For more information about how we are working with our customers to get through this period ready for spring, get in touch with a member of the team below:

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