Product updates at no extra cost

Here at Sherlock Taxi we make a commitment to our clients to ensure that we will provide innovative, feature-rich technology, that genuinely works in a real-world environment (rather than just in a developer's head!). As part of this commitment, we promise to give you the continuous delivery of new features at no extra cost.  

Our licence fee model is a true SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model in which your licence fee covers the cost of updates, product improvements and new features - without you getting any nasty surprise bills afterwards. 

We regularly provide updates, with customers receiving 700+ updates or improvements and iterations on average every single year! This quarter, our customers have been upgraded to the latest product release with a range of exciting new features to get stuck into. We've picked out a few to tell you about here but if you'd like a full list, get in touch to speak to one of the team below.

  • New ways to combat card fraud
  • Deciding how you want customers to pay, based on where they are being picked up from 
  • Improving the customer experience through ETA changes and the option to offer alternative vehicle types to reduce waiting times 
  • The ability to download driver statements directly from the driver app
  • Our brand new and very exciting Retention and Rewards Programme (RRP) which takes our existing promo and referral codes, electronic vouchers and loyalty cards to the next level with the ability to earn points for discounts, gift balances to friends and manage incentives 


To find out more, get in touch with one of the team below:

Sales & Implementation 

Adam Ross - 

Matt Johnson-Lecky - 

Marketing Manager 

Helen Elder -

Business Director

Mike Tobin -

Or call us on 020 3214 5110.