Using technology to keep your customers happy

In these challenging times, it is more important than ever to keep your customers happy and using you time and time again. Sherlock Taxi can help you.

The private hire industry has changed considerably over the past ten years and companies need to innovate and evolve to thrive in challenging times with increased competition.

We believe that businesses that want to grow should be thinking about a range of factors to beat the competition and customer satisfaction is as important as the actual operational side of the business.

Customer satisfaction

It goes without saying that if your customers aren’t happy and there is a viable alternative company for them to use, then this is what they will do. We all know how difficult it can be to gain loyal customers so the last thing you want to do is lose them to the competition. Customer retention is and always has been paramount.

With the advent of ride-hailing apps and companies such as Uber and Ola (the taxi-hailing app from India which has recently launched in Wales), there is also now a big question around price for a lot of passengers. Some of the newer companies are pitching so cheaply that they are creating a race to the bottom for everybody where it can be very difficult to compete on price alone for most private hire companies.

If you can’t compete on price, companies need to differentiate themselves somehow and one of the easiest ways to do this is by harnessing technology to offer a premium customer service. Ensuring you are offering a service that is so good that customers are happy to pay a little bit more is a great way to thrive in these difficult times.  

Sherlock Taxi has a wealth of built-in features to help businesses guarantee an excellent service for loyal customers. There are obvious features such as our newly updated, intuitive passenger app that we could talk about but one of our unique features is our ‘Issues’ tab on the controller screen.

What does the ‘Issues’ tab do?

With our software, businesses can automate allocation by up to 100% if they want to, with most of our customers are averaging 97-98% automation (preferring to manually allocate a minority of specific jobs). One of the great things about this is that the system allows businesses to scale up without needing to add more staff and overheads as the technology is doing the bulk of the hard work for you.

However, as we all know, this is a dynamic business and things can and do go wrong. This is where the Issues tab is really useful. This tab flags any jobs that have or could have a problem such as a driver running late to the pick-up or no driver available for the job. This essentially means that your controllers can proactively manage jobs to pre-empt any issues that could occur and manage customer expectations appropriately. If a controller had to scroll through every job in progress, this could be extremely difficult to manage during peak hours, but the Issues tab sifts out the jobs with potential problems to allow your business to offer a premium level of customer service.


We said at the beginning that customer satisfaction needs to work hand in hand with operations and the Issues tab helps with this too. If your controllers only need to concentrate on a very small percentage of jobs that could have problems as the system is doing the bulk of the hard work for you, this frees up time to focus on other areas of the business such as attracting new accounts, customer loyalty programmes and overall strategy.

The Issues tab is just one feature of Sherlock Taxi that can bring huge benefits to your business and we are always thinking about new and innovative ways to keep enhancing the product to help our customers thrive. Last year alone we implemented over 700 new features and improvements to help our customers stay ahead of the competition.

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