Not all dispatch systems are the same

When it comes to choosing a dispatch system it is easy to focus on price but what else should you be thinking about?

Not all dispatch systems are the same. Sherlock Taxi is created by the software development team behind Addison Lee’s award-winning taxi dispatch solution. Having worked with Addison Lee for 10 years, we have a head start on the major competitors in the market in terms of building innovative technology solutions for our customers.

Our auto-allocator is the most advanced on the market, allowing you to automate allocation by up to 100% if you want to. Most of our clients run at 97-98% automation as there are usually those few unique jobs which they prefer to allocate manually. The important thing is that none of our customers have their allocation set up in the same way as the system is completely configurable to allow customers to emphasis the variables that are most important to their business, for example, closest car or prioritising drivers who have been empty a while.

We even offer the ability to switch between allocation methods. Although our auto-allocator uses best driver as this is the most efficient way to allocate work to drivers, we do understand that drivers can prefer plots during quieter periods as they can then see where they are in a queue position. For this reason, we have recently added plots to our allocation logic so customers can swap between the two methods at the flick of a switch to benefit from the best of both worlds depending on demand. When the system switches between the two allocation types, drivers always retain their queue position as well to eliminate any unfairness.

This is just one of the differences between Sherlock Taxi and other systems on the market. We have a wide range of other features to support your business including mechanisms in place to ensure you’re not apprehensive about using your automated booking channels. To find out more, contact us today on 020 3214 5110 or email