How are private hire and taxi companies coping during the coronavirus pandemic?

The private hire and taxi industry has been strongly affected by Covid-19 as traditional revenue streams have temporarily dried up overnight. What are our customers doing to continue operating in a safe manner for drivers and passengers alike?

Since Covid-19 has spread across the globe and governments worldwide have implemented lockdowns and strict social distancing measures, industries such as taxi have suffered immensely. Many traditional revenue streams dried up almost overnight with the public no longer travelling to airports, nightlife closed and corporate clients working from home.

Companies have sought to adapt to drive revenue wherever possible with many implementing parcel delivery services, collecting and delivering groceries for vulnerable customers and discounting trips for key workers.

As lockdowns ease across many parts of the world, companies are preparing to drive business to replace lost income. Certainly, in the UK, there is an opportunity to help local communities as the public are urged to avoid public transport wherever possible meaning that private hire vehicles and taxis may become a preferred and safer way to travel.

So, what safety and hygiene measures are companies implementing? Many Sherlock customers are:

  • Applying new stringent cleanliness regimes such as regular car washes and inside cleaning of high touchpoints after each journey
  • Supplying gloves and masks for mandatory use by drivers
  • Asking drivers to open doors for passengers to reduce touchpoints
  • Limiting numbers of passengers in vehicles and using backseats only
  • Installing Perspex screen dividers between passenger and driver
  • Requesting windows are kept open to improve ventilation
  • Using social media and email/SMS notifications to update passengers on what they are doing to keep them safe

The Sherlock team are on hand to answer any questions that businesses may have, including identifying system features that can be used to make things as easy as possible for businesses right now.

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