Have you read the recommendations to Government on Taxi and Private Hire licensing?

The report commissioned by the Government on updating taxi and private hire regulations is out. Read our summary here!

The Task and Finish Group have just released their report and recommendation on Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle licensing.

The Task Group was commissioned by the Department for Transport to review the taxi and private hire sector with a view to make appropriate recommendations to update legislation and regulations. The recommendations needed to be within the scope of ensuring public safety is protected and that those in the trade have a fair working environment whilst maintaining a competitive, dynamic market.

The Group has proposed a series of recommendations including:

  • Introducing national minimum standards to protect public safety
  • Capping the number of private hire vehicles that can be licensed within an authority
  • Legislating that all taxi and private hire journeys should start or end in the area in which the vehicles are licensed
  • Fitting vehicles with CCTV equipment
  • Restricting the number of hours that taxi and private hire drivers can work due to safety reasons

The full report can be read or downloaded here.

Here at Sherlock Taxi, we are following Government developments closely to respond swiftly and create relevant product features to support our customers should new legislation come into effect.

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