Five new Sherlock Taxi features that you should know about.

The latest Sherlock Taxi release is packed with exciting new features – here, we have picked just five of our favourites to share with you.

Over the course of January and February this year, every Sherlock customer will be updated to the latest version of the product at no additional cost. As a forward-thinking technology partner, we provide these updates to customers a couple of times a year which include improvements and new features based on customer feedback, our general product roadmap and forward-thinking features to anticipate the changing needs of the market.

The latest update is packed with exciting new features – here, we have picked just five of our favourites to share with you.

1) Support for electric vehicles

This is a hugely exciting feature for our team. Climate change is on the agenda politically, economically and socially right now with international market trends suggesting that EV sales will overtake petrol and diesel sales by the late 2030s.*

Mike Tobin, Sherlock Taxi Business Unit Director.
As governments across the globe are taking climate change more seriously, it is clear that electric vehicles will be a huge part of the future. The taxi companies that continue to thrive will be those that are ready for these changes. Implementing a Sherlock Taxi dispatch system can really help – we are already known for having the most advanced auto-allocation on the market and now we have built on this to develop our first iteration of electric vehicle support,

The feature includes electric charging points, vehicle battery information, vehicle status (for example, currently charging) on the driver network map for controllers and full auto-allocator support for all of the above.

2) Referral programme

The referral programme is designed to help market automated booking channels such as your website and consumer apps. When your customer books online or via the app, the system will generate an e-voucher which allows them to ‘refer a friend’ – pass this code on and the new user will get a discount on their first trip after registering.

3) Account management portal

Your account customers can now log into their personalised Account Management Portal where they can manage users, bookings, account settings, invoices, statistics and reports without needing to speak to a member of your staff each time – freeing up time in your business and improving the customer experience for your valuable customers at the same time!

4) Available cars displayed on booking maps

When your customers open their app or go online to make a booking, they will be able to see available cars near the pick-up address. This is an accurate and real-time display of vehicles available. Not only that, if the passenger has been picked up from that address before, the address will automatically appear in the address dropdown when making the booking.

5) Pre-bookings on the web kiosk

A web kiosk is a standalone tablet which can be deployed in public venues such as supermarkets and hotels to allow members of the public to book a taxi with you quickly and easily. Several Sherlock clients have web kiosks set up in various local businesses to attract additional custom. Based on customer feedback, we’ve added functionality to allow pre-booked journeys to be made from kiosks as well as ASAP trips.

This list is by no means exhaustive – to find out more about any of these features or what else we’ve been doing to keep Sherlock Taxi at the forefront of taxi dispatch technology, get in touch today. Call us on +44 (0) 20 3214 5110 or email