New customer to join Sherlock Taxi ranks

Another new customer joins the Sherlock Taxi ranks; a start-up based in Malta with exciting growth plans!

Biz Cab, based in Malta, was founded by three entrepreneurs looking to shake up the taxi market in Malta as they had been frustrated with the customer experience they had been receiving in the local market. Biz Cab founders launched their start-up in November 2017 with a vision to provide a premium service to both retail and corporate clients across the island.

The company first heard about Sherlock Taxi through using LeCab whilst visiting Paris. Impressed with both LeCab’s service and user-friendly app, they researched the company to find out more about their technology provider. 

We began talking with Biz Cab in 2016 and scoping out their requirements for their business. As a new start-up, they had a blank canvas and no legacy issues to deal with from previous suppliers. Our team was able to develop a project plan to allow all functionality and features required by Biz Cab to be delivered, working with third-party providers to ensure credit card payments could be taken securely and other compliance needs could be met.

It’s early days for Biz Cab but they are off to a promising start with 65% of all bookings being taken via web and app.