Ma-Navette Profile

Ma-Navette is a licensed tourist transportation company offering a door-to-door service to both businesses and tourists.

Profile: Ma-Navette

Fleet size: 20 vehicles

Type of work: Mainly airport/account jobs

Location: Casablanca and Marrakech, Morocco

Sherlock since: 17th October, 2015

Ma-Navette (translated from French to My Shuttle) is a licensed tourist transportation company offering a door-to-door service to both businesses and tourists; it specialises in airport transfers and jobs within Morocco and Casablanca.

The company was founded in August 2010 and has a fleet of 20 vehicles. It is able to fulfil account, credit card and cash jobs. Ma-Navette has many valuable partnerships such as being the transport partner for the Casablanca 2014 fashion show and multiple contracts with enterprise companies to transport employees to and from their working destinations. It is the dedicated supplier for RyanAir transfers in both areas and run sightseeing tours of Casablanca and Morocco for tourists.

Ma-Navette’s aim is to become the number one high-quality transfer and taxi service in Marrakech and Casablanca. The company decided it was only going to evolve by using the latest smart technology and started researching how London based Addison Lee came to their success and ways of working. After finding the link between Addison Lee and Haulmont’s Sherlock Taxi Solution, the company made contact and started discussing their opportunity for growth in Casablanca and Morocco. The company is highly ambitious and has a thirst to grow through the correct technology into an enterprise business who is reliable with a quality fleet to support their slogan; ‘finally a solution for your transfers’.

The Sherlock installation team were on-site for 10 days in Morocco to ensure a smooth process and all Ma-Navette’s needs were met, including the integration of SMS and credit card providers. The Sherlock system was provided completely in French, as well as the on-site training. Customisations were made to integrate with the RyanAir website; processing future jobs straight into Sherlock for dispatch at the correct timings.

The company uses the Sherlock Auto Allocator, both customer and driver mobile apps, and web portals to create a future proof way of working and generate speedy growth.

A successful installation of Sherlock was implemented in October 2015 to a team with big aspirations. Within the first month of going live, Ma-Navette found a better way to manage drivers through Sherlock and added driver incentives.

Samir Bennani, CEO of Ma-Navette.
We operate in a market place that can thrive from smart technology such as the Sherlock taxi solution; it will be a crucial part of our growth and success in the Casablanca and Marrakesh regions.