What is our new and exclusive Retention & Rewards Programme?

Our new Retention and Rewards Programme (RRP) takes our marketing features and packages them in an exciting, innovative and truly useful way for your business.

Sherlock Taxi has a number of great marketing features from promo and referral codes to electronic vouchers and loyalty schemes. These features have been part of the product for a long time and are proven to help customers to attract and retain new business. 

Our new Retention & Rewards Programme (RRP) takes all of these features and more, packaging them in an exciting, innovative and truly useful way for your business. This gives your business more flexibility when it comes to what marketing campaigns you want to run, how you want to use promotions to achieve tangible goals, how to reward loyal customers and crucially, the tools to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns to ensure your budget is being spent wisely. 

This may all sound quite familiar but RRP is truly unique and we're confident in saying it is unlike anything else being offered by other dispatch systems on the market right now. This means that only with Sherlock Taxi can you be sure you're making the most of new business opportunities and retaining that customer base through true client satisfaction - something which is more important than ever in an increasingly turbulent and volatile market place. 

Sounds great so far. So what exactly does the Retention & Rewards Programme entail? Let's take more of an in-depth look at the features and how you might use them in a practical way. 


Incentivising your customers with bonus points. This is not a new concept but RRP does offer a much wider range of options when it comes to what activity you want to reward and how valuable you want your bonus points to be. For example, you can assign bonus points based on several criteria including:

  • Mileage driven
  • App downloads and usage 
  • Pick-up locations 
  • Times of day or service types 

Bonus points can be assigned a value of your choice such as one point equates to £1 of credit. 

Managing accounts

This part of RRP works in conjunction with your existing account management features to give you more flexibility and options for your clients. Some examples of how your customers could use the programme to manage accounts in a real-world environment include:

  • Setting up pre-paid accounts to allow clients to manage spend more effectively 
  • Allowing clients to create individual user credit limits within accounts depending on how much the user is allowed to spend or typically travels as part of their job 

Managing incentives

With so many more options and variables to take into consideration with RRP, you need to be able to easily manage your incentives. We have developed a range of features to allow you to do this. Some options include: 

  • Limiting the total discount amount as a percentage of a trip such as 10% maximum payment with bonus points 
  • Allowing users to earn reward points on a corporate account which can be transferred to a personal account 
  • Manually add points to an account, for example, as an apology to a customer if a car is late to the pick-up 

All of these exciting features of RRP are available to cash, credit card and corporate customers and privileges (such as the ability to add points to a customer account as a way of apology), are admin rights protected. 

This is just the first iteration of the Retention & Rewards Programme and it has received excellent feedback so far:

Lee and Caroline, West Quay Cars, Southampton.
This new programme is another great feature added to Sherlock at no extra cost and really gives us the tools to manage our customer incentives much more effectively, ensuring we spend our marketing budget wisely.

Wayne Prospere, Cloud Cars, Nottingham.
It is great to see Sherlock still able to deliver on their promise of releasing great new features even during these unprecedented times - we have been guided through the new Retention & Rewards Programme and are really impressed with how we will be able to use promo codes, rewards and account privileges to offer our customers more advanced incentive programmes than ever before and assess the impact of efforts on customer satisfaction and retention.

We are already working on many more features to add to the programme including pre-paid accounts and app support which will be coming soon. This is just one of many features we develop for our customers as part of the licence fee, meaning customers receive it at no extra cost, regardless of their fleet size.

To find out what you're missing or have a demo, get in touch today on 020 3214 5110 or email demo@sherlocktaxi.com.