What does the electric revolution mean for taxi and private hire companies?

Climate change is on the agenda and international market trends suggest that EV sales will overtake petrol and diesel sales by the late 2030s*. The Government has set targets relating to zero emissions and reducing air pollution from vehicles so many private hire and taxi companies will be thinking about going electric.

Early adopters of EVs can differentiate themselves in the market as leading the charge on environmental friendliness and sustainability. If your business is thinking about this, there are several things to consider such as costs, charging points, travel distances and how to make it work alongside your current dispatch.

The role of technology is important as forward-thinking providers will be considering how to develop their product to incorporate these factors into allocation and dispatch. The Sherlock Taxi R & D team are developing our auto-allocator to see how it can support EVs in the future - through vehicle range inputs and local charging point information.

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* House of Commons, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, Electric vehicles: driving the transition, Fourteenth Report of Session 2017-19 – printed 16 October 2018