Technology Partner Checklist

Changing your technology provider can seem daunting – which is why we’ve put together a handy guide to help you ensure that the software you’re considering meets your needs.

Key things to think about

Automating dispatch
In these challenging times, an advanced auto allocator is essential to automating more of the dispatch process and maximising the amount of jobs you can do during peak times

Depending on your needs or preferences you might want to ask providers if you can choose between onsite and cloud hosting

Third party integrations
It is more than likely that you will want to integrate with other platforms such as credit card payment gateways and phone systems. Most system providers offer this but it is worth bearing in mind how flexible they are with this, for example, is there a range of providers you can choose from?

Bespoke development
You may have business-specific features that you would like to develop so it is worth checking if a provider has the capacity to do this

Industry knowledge
Do the providers you’re talking to have a background in the private hire industry?

This is just a starting point but for a comprehensive list of considerations, download our full guide HERE.

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