Intelligent Dispatch Controller Screens

Sherlock Taxi’s smart alerts and intelligent dispatch helps agents to spot problems before they occur.

Sherlock Taxi’s dispatcher screens are fully-automated to intelligently monitor the progress of every job and highlight issues before they affect the customer. This means dispatch agents no longer have to manage every job, but instead focus on the small percentage where issues occur.

With automated business rules, Sherlock Taxi improves productivity and ensures the quality of service regardless of the size of the fleet – allowing businesses to scale quickly and smoothly with a consistent customer experience.

  • Automation identifies problems before they affect the client
  • Increase productivity, improve quality of service, enable scale
  • Consistent service through automation of key business processes
  • Integrated driver comms for dispatchers – voice and text at the touch of a button
  • Dispatch decisions are made based on real-time traffic conditions

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