Award winning auto dispatch solution

Sherlock Taxi won the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2016 for outstanding dispatch and customer success.

Sherlock Taxi’s auto dispatch solution offers unmatched efficiency, automating up to 100% of dispatch operations and significantly increasing productivity. By using complex algorithms the system balances a wide range of criteria to ensure the lowest response times for the fleet as a whole, whilst ensuring that the most important customers get a priority service.

By combining complex maths with our years of taxi industry experience, Sherlock Taxi offers a range of configurations for auto dispatch to meet the needs of real taxi businesses. Profiles can be set to emphasise minimum customer response times and fairness to drivers. Business rules can be customised according to the demands and experience of each fleet’s requirements.


  • Significant increases in driver productivity– enables efficient, automated dispatch across any fleet size
  • The only solution to enable true automation - 99% of jobs auto dispatched
  • Fully transparent and consistent - complete audit trail to answer driver questions about fairness and decision-making
  • Balances your pre-booked and ASAP jobs with available drivers in real-time
  • The world’s most sophisticated algorithms to maximise driver efficiency
  • The system works by providing drivers with heat maps and the ability to submit their own street-hail jobs which create a comprehensive overview of available resources

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