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Our commitment to you. We charge a licence fee subscription which is billed in arrears meaning you will only ever be charged for what you actually use. If you have less drivers for whatever reason one month, your bill will reduce according to reflect this. The licence fee is invested back into the product to ensure that we can continue to develop, adding new features in a timely manner to respond to changing needs of the market. These features are passed on to you at no additional cost as you have already paid for the innovation as part of your licence fee.

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Sherlock Taxi is a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which means that we licence the system to you on a per driver per month basis.

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Our customers are billed in arrears so that our accounts team can review how many drivers you actually had working that month and invoice accordingly - meaning that if you had less drivers working one month, your bill will decrease to reflect this.

Our customers see this as the best option for their businesses as it means that software updates are passed directly on to them as part of the product.

By charging a fair price as a subscription, we are committing to ensuring that your technology never becomes legacy and outdated, so you will never need to switch system again. In recent years, we have delivered new booking apps, our account management portal and electric vehicle support at no additional cost to our customers. This is part of Sherlock’s commitment to delivering robust, flexible and innovative technology on a sustainable basis so that we can partner with you for many years to come. Additionally, customers benefit from discounts as their fleets grow.