Frequently Asked Questions

The award-winning Sherlock Taxi Solution was developed by Haulmont Technology, the software developers for Addison Lee’s successful and business-proven Shamrock system. Haulmont designed Sherlock Taxi to be an industry leading technology and custom-built, end-to-end enterprise system to manage all aspects of taxi operations.

Sherlock Taxi operates globally in locations as diverse as France, Morocco, Lebanon, Sierre Leone, New Zealand, Australia, Kenya and the UK - to name just a few!

Sherlock Taxi can support any language and multiple languages within your system for countries whose customers and drivers may speak many different languages. Currently, supported languages include; English, French, Russian and Portuguese.

The solution can support any fleet from a start-up to a well-established fleet with thousands of vehicles. It also caters for all types of arrangements such as multiple drivers per car.

Sherlock Taxi caters for fleets worldwide to provide the foundation for businesses to grow and scale through increased efficiencies. Some of our innovative customers include LeCab, BlackCab and Addison Lee who run a proprietary system, Shamrock which Sherlock Taxi is modelled on.

Yes, easy-to-use industry leading apps. You can find the Driver App here and the Customer Booking App here.

Yes, Sherlock Taxi can be completely out-of-the-box, or you can have the flexibility of choosing from a menu of additional modules as well as the core system to deliver extra features. This means that clients do not pay for functionality they do not require.

Sherlock Taxi is operated by high-level, algorithm-based calculation technology configured to your company business rules and preferences. Up to 100% of dispatch can be auto-allocated, with customisable settings to flag issues for human attention.

Both web browser and client versions include all functionality - this means you can log in from wherever it is convenient for you.

Sherlock can be client-hosted or hosted in the cloud. We are completely agnostic about this so the choice really is yours. If you need help finding a partner for your hosting, we can support you with this.

Yes, it supports all account, cash and credit card payments seamlessly, giving your customers the opportunity to choose how they pay. The solution also provides customer and account invoicing for corporate account work.

Yes, Sherlock is already full integrated with Avaya, one of the most popular telephony providers on the market and a softphone, cloud-based system called Plivo. If you have another provider that you would rather use, we are happy to develop and integrate with another system of your choice.

As part of the installation process, we will migrate all data over to Sherlock for you so you won’t lose anything from your previous system.

Sherlock can be set up with a range of pricing tariffs to suit your business including metered pricing or flat rates.

Sherlock is already integrated with a number services providers including telephony, SMS, credit card payment gateways and flight information companies. If we’re not currently integrated with a particular provider that you want to work with, we are happy to do some bespoke development for your business. What’s more, we don’t actually charge you to use integrated third parties – you just need to agree the commercials directly with the provider.

No, our emphasis is on building an ongoing partnership with you where we help you to use technology to grow your business. We use the licence fee model to include all system updates automatically, at no extra cost to you. We are constantly revising and developing our software to keep it current and we pass these advances on to you directly.

With a full-time team of over 50 developers working on Sherlock, we are continuously developing the system so it remains at the forefront of taxi dispatch and management software. We pass system updates on to our customers at no additional cost – it’s all included in the licence fee. If there’s a Sherlock feature you didn’t opt for originally, but you then decide would be useful to your business, that’s absolutely fine, we can add this on for you.

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