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Background & Challenges

Priory Cars is a fleet based in Reigate and operating in the surrounding areas of Surrey.

Founded in 2017, the partners and management team comprises staff who have many years of experience working in the private hire industry across a variety of roles.

Initially the business focused on building a base of account clients and a small pool of drivers to complete this regular work. They implemented their incumbent supplier to help manage this account work; however, as the business expanded the partners began looking for a system which was better suited to their needs.

As part of their expansion, Priory Cars wanted to start offering more retail work and they needed a more sophisticated, robust and modern app to be able to compete. They knew that competition in the area was well-known and established so they identified a gap in the market to offer a premium service at a higher price point. In order to do this, they needed to invest in new, innovative technology which would underpin their strategy and allow them to offer customers a better level of service. They also found the processes for driver wages and customer invoicing quite time-consuming and wanted to free up more time to spend on growing the business.

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Solution & Outcomes

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The partners evaluated the premium software providers on the market and chose Sherlock Taxi because of its advanced configurable options and the knowledge of the team behind the system.

Prior to implementing Sherlock, all dispatch and allocation at Priory Cars was completed manually which led to increased admin for operations staff and a lack of efficiency. Sherlock’s implementation team explained the various options available with the auto allocator – including legacy options such as plots allocation. Priory opted to use best driver allocation rather than plots as they wanted jobs to be distributed in the most efficient way possible to maximise efficiency across the whole fleet.

The business also completes lots of airport work due to its proximity to Gatwick. Before Sherlock, the ops team would need to cross-reference trips against flight times and manually re-direct vehicles based on flight delays. Now, they have an integration with FlightStats which means that the system automatically updates dispatch based on flight changes, without any need for manual intervention.

Since using auto-allocation, the use of automated booking channels such as the web portal and customer app has doubled, the running distance to pick-ups has decreased by 40% and ASAP response times have halved. These factors combined mean that Priory Cars can now complete more jobs with the same number of drivers, improving their bottom line.

The management team have also been delighted with the customer invoicing and driver wages functionality in the system.

“One of the unexpectedly big benefits of Sherlock is the levels of automation when it comes to invoicing. I used to spend three or four days every month manually doing invoicing, this now takes me half an hour. Similarly, weekly driver wages used to be a nightmare as I manually priced jobs; it would take two people a day to complete – now I simply do a quick check of the system’s calculations, click a button and it’s done.”

Jack Barofka, Operations Director

Not only has this saved the business nearly two weeks of admin time every single month, it has also reduced the touchpoints for human error. For example, when completing invoices manually, it was easy to miss jobs or forget to send an invoice out completely resulting in delayed payment from the account customer or possibly even no payment at all!

Jack was asked what the most positive impacts have been for his business since using Sherlock to which he replied,

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“There’s all these great statistics about the time we are saving and the efficiency savings when it comes to auto-allocation. For me, these are fantastic but the biggest point is that the system is so advanced and customisable that it means we can have big ideas about growing our business and know that we won’t be held back by our software any more. I think Sherlock is the only system where you can make bold strategic and operational business changes and know that the technology will be able to support you.”

Jack Barofka, Operations Director

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