The latest third-party integrations available to Sherlock customers

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As part of our customers’ standard licence fees we include all product updates at no extra charge. This includes new third-party integrations - we are committed to working with a range of partners to give your business the flexibility to decide how you want to operate. Our most recent product upgrades have included three brand-new integrations for our customers.

The online travel aggregator is now integrated with Sherlock. This integration is already providing existing Sherlock customers with an additional booking channel and volume of work from the travel giant. As a market leader, is harnessing its huge reach and marketing investment to leverage incremental growth for businesses.

Mike Tobin, Sherlock Business Director.
My team and I are so excited about this integration as it is such a big brand in the travel industry, servicing over a million hotel and flight bookers daily. We are already seeing some of our customers sign up and benefit from additional bookings.


Our Gett integration is providing Sherlock customers with another source of bookings. Gett is used by over 25% of the Fortune 500 as a reliable platform which links companies with leading private hire, taxi and chauffeur companies.

Darryl Supersad, Technical Sales & Implementation Manager.
Having previously worked at Gett and looked after third-party partnerships, I am delighted to see Sherlock’s new integration providing yet another booking channel for customers to take advantage of.


Our most recent integration is the mapping platform, what3words. Sometimes street addresses aren’t reliable - a pin can drop you in the centre of the building and you have to find the right entrance to be dropped at. what3words gives every 3 metre square a unique combination of three words to make precise locations easier than ever to find.

Adam Ross, Technical Sales & Implementation Manager.
This integration is really exciting for Sherlock customers and going to really improve accuracy for drivers, allowing them to easily pinpoint exact pick-ups in rural locations.

Another important thing to note is that Sherlock doesn’t charge ongoing booking fees or monthly charges to use any integrated aggregators.

To find out more about these integrations or what else we have in the pipeline, get in touch today: email or call 020 3214 5110.