Mostaxi Profile

MOSTAXI was founded by the Moscow Government in July 2012 and was the first taxi company in Moscow.

Profile: MOSTAXI

Fleet size: 580 vehicles

Type of work: Account jobs; consumer and government

Location: Moscow, Russia

Sherlock since: 1st May 2014

MOSTAXI was founded by the Moscow Government in July 2012 and was the first taxi company in Moscow. While it initially focused on government accounts, it now primarily supplies the consumer market and grew from 318 to 580 vehicles in just 18 months. Before Sherlock was implemented the average number of jobs per day was 1,519 and due to Sherlock’s Auto Allocator it is currently completing over 3,600 jobs per day.

MOSTAXI required a flexible system and after extensive research, it realised that most taxi systems are ‘off the shelf’; many did not offer customisation and could not provide the detail of support or the integrations that were required to be successful. It had concerns that the priority system could not maintain scalability, look after customers and ensure complete business continuity with zero downtime. Alongside scalability, MOSTAXI required a huge amount of customisation to support the unique regulatory requirements of the Russian market as well as its own business requirements.

In just six months, the Sherlock team developed and implemented a highly customised solution. An expert Sherlock team were on-site throughout the whole go-live process ensuring minimum disruption. After implementation, the fleet grew by 54% extra vehicles meaning the driver base grew and each driver made an average of an extra nine jobs per week.

Sergey Veshkin, IT Director of MOSTAXI.
After reviewing many systems such as AutoCab, TaxiMaster, Madiv etc., Sherlock met our specific requirements to develop a bespoke solution to sit within our business and legal framework. The go-live process was very well managed by a qualified team of specialists. In the last year we have seen an exceptional growth and believe Sherlock has provided a huge competitive advantage.