Meet the team: Sherlock is led by Mike Tobin and his wealth of experience in ground transportation

Mike's career history means he is perfectly placed to support our clients and lead Sherlock in the right direction.

Many competitors are led by tech professionals but here at Sherlock, we prefer to make sure our senior leadership has a background in the taxi and private hire industry, particularly in operations roles. We believe this means that our team is able to develop features which are genuinely beneficial in a real-world business environment – helping you to improve efficiency, offer something special to your corporate account customers, take the stress out of driver wages and statements, grow your business, or any other business goal you might have.

Mike’s experience began at Addison Lee in which he spent 15 years in a variety of ops roles, learning the ins and outs of the business before being promoted to General Manager for the final years of his tenure. During his time at Addison Lee, Mike was part of the team involved in the adoption of Sherlock’s sister solution, Addison Lee’s bespoke Shamrock system. Following this, Mike took his skills, experience and knowledge to Green Tomato Cars, another leading London fleet and held the role of Operations Director before being promoted to Managing Director. At Green Tomato Cars, he oversaw a full systems and dispatch replacement. At the time, Mike managed Adam Ross, who was responsible for project managing the system replacement and is now Sherlock’s Technical Sales & Implementation Manager.

This experience has given Mike the expertise to lead Sherlock’s strategy with client needs in mind and as a result, Mike works closely with clients on a consultative basis to ensure they are getting the most out of their technology to drive their businesses forward.

Mike Tobin, Sherlock Business Unit Director.
Something that really surprised me when I joined Sherlock and started talking to prospective clients was their expectations of technology. For a long time, the market has not really provided solutions that work how customers need them to and clients have found that systems don’t necessarily operate how they would expect them to, or how they were sold to them. This has resulted in the need to compromise on their requirements and try to shoehorn processes into rigid and inflexible systems. I am so proud of the work we have done, and continue to do, at Sherlock to develop not only a great product from a technical perspective but also a product that delivers the flexibility our customers need to really stand out from their competition.

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