Sherlock Taxi shortlisted as Software Innovation of the Year at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards.

We’re delighted to announce that Sherlock Taxi has been shortlisted as a finalist for Software Innovation of the Year at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards.

Organised in association with UKFast, the Digital Entrepreneur Awards are the longest-standing national tech awards and recognise digital talent and forward-thinking development and technology.

Sherlock Taxi is a finalist in the category Software Innovation of the Year. This award celebrates technologies that have tangible effects and a positive impact on businesses, helping them to be more agile and responsive.

Historically the vast majority of private hire and taxi businesses have been small, family-owned businesses that operate on a local or regional basis. Since the launch of tech giants such as Uber, there has been increased pressure and competition on price for these smaller businesses. Sherlock Taxi is a comprehensive taxi management software which allows businesses to manage the entire lifecycle of a job within one system. This means that businesses can be much more streamlined and efficient in their operations.

A key part of the award criteria is how Sherlock Taxi is different from its competitors. Our auto-allocator allows our customers to automate their dispatch operations by up to 100% if they want to. Indeed, Central Taxis in Coventry has run 100% automated allocation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year since launching with us in January 2017, with an average fleet response time of three minutes. Across our customers’ fleets, automated allocation averages at 98-99%. This allows customers to be extremely efficient, increase the number of jobs they can do, reduce dead mileage and increase driver earnings.

“It’s fantastic to see Sherlock recognised for its innovation. We pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge technology which is customisable and responsive to individual business needs. Our customer growth figures, automation stats and rapid response times are testament to how good technology is the foundation to business success,” notes Mike Tobin, Business Unit Director for Sherlock Taxi.

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