What role will courier and parcel services play in the taxi and private hire industry going forward?

Sherlock customers benefit from courier service features to weather the storm of Covid pandemic - but what role, if any, will this play in the future of the industry?
24 March, 2021

What does the UK Supreme Court's ruling mean for the future of taxi and private hire?

Uber recently lost its high profile case in the Supreme Court - what could this mean for the future?
16 March, 2021

Hope and optimism for a bounce back this summer - are you ready?

Today is the first day of a return to normality in the UK - is your business ready for it?
8 March, 2021

Is now the time to think big for your business?

Your dispatch system is the very foundation of your business: if it doesn’t work properly or give you the tools you need to achieve your goals, then it is failing.
2 February, 2021

What is our new and exclusive Retention & Rewards Programme?

Our new Retention and Rewards Programme (RRP) takes our marketing features and packages them in an exciting, innovative and truly useful way for your business.
26 January, 2021

Product updates at no extra cost

At Sherlock Taxi we promise the continuous delivery of new features at no extra cost.
21 December, 2020