Development Approach

Get the best of both worlds with Sherlock Taxi – the only leading taxi system that can be customised easily to fit your business.

The Sherlock Taxi Solution is built on Haulmont’s CUBA Platform; a Java framework for specialising in building enterprise software. Due to the platform’s flexibility, Sherlock Taxi can be bespoke altered to meet individual business requirements.

Taxi companies are usually faced with two choices; find a traditional taxi solution that will provide dispatch, tracking and billing solutions. It likely is inflexible for future growth and limited functionality meaning clients will change its own business model to fit the requirements of the solution. The second choice; commission a custom built solution to meet business requirements. This usually consists of long development time and educating developers on business problems.

Haulmont Technology through the Sherlock Taxi Solution can offer these two options combined without the drawbacks of either. Sherlock Taxi includes 80% of the requested functionality already and our team of over 170 developers are specialists in their fields.

  • Freedom of bespoke development to suit your business
  • Option to have your own development team with a dedicated Project Manager
  • A strong business-proven, award-winning taxi solution as a founding basis
  • Sherlock was built by taxi people for taxi people
  • 170 strong development team with decades of taxi industry knowledge

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