Could new technology help your business to manage those seasonal problems that any taxi company faces?

With the festive celebrations over, the New Year is a great time to think about the successes of your last year and where there is room for improvement. Could new technology help your business to manage those seasonal problems that any taxi company faces?

If you’re a UK based private hire and taxi company, you’ll be all too familiar with the Christmas rush and your business being inundated with additional work throughout December. Even if you’re not located where the ‘Christmas effect’ is significant for your business, during your own equivalent busy periods you’ll no doubt suffer many of the same issues as UK companies.

So what are these key issues we’re talking about? Well, primarily, an influx of work at one point in the year can be a problem – a great problem to have, but a problem nonetheless as your staff try to juggle managing the extra work with not enough drivers and making sure your regular, loyal customers are not let down or given a poorer service than usual.

Sherlock Taxi can really help businesses to make sure they are doing as many jobs as possible during the peak periods, maximising driver earnings and business revenue whilst ensuring that the most loyal and important customers are given the best customer service.

Through our auto-allocator, trips are distributed in the most efficient way possible whilst considering the fleet as a whole – not one nearby driver in isolation. The allocator is configurable and the variables which are the most important to our individual customers’ needs are prioritised to score trips and allocate them based on their scoring. Crucially, the allocator is dynamic and updates in real-time to ensure that scheduling is completely optimised and therefore, if a more important job comes in it can be prioritised accordingly.

Central Taxis in Coventry have been using 100% automated allocation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for three years now and as a result, they now have a less than three minute response time for ASAP bookings! To find out more about how we are helping our customers deal with the demands of peak periods and more, see our range of case studies online at