Priory Cars halve response times and double automation levels within six months of using Sherlock Taxi.

Priory Cars is a fleet based in Reigate and operating in the surrounding areas of Surrey. Founded in 2017, the business comprises a small team of people who have worked in the private hire and taxi industry for many years and have a wealth of experience.

Having built up a solid account base, the business recently decided to expand and grow their retail work. In order to do this, the management team recognised that they needed a more sophisticated and robust system with a modern and reliable app to be able to compete.

After evaluating premium software providers available on the market, Priory Cars chose Sherlock Taxi as the vast, configurable settings would underpin their new strategy and be agile enough to support changes over time.

Previously work was allocated manually which was time-consuming for ops staff and led to inefficiencies in job distribution as well. The business also completes many airport jobs due to their proximity to Gatwick and operators used to cross-reference trips against flight timings to re-direct vehicles based on flight delays. To combat these issues, the business now uses Sherlock’s auto-allocator and best driver configurations to allow the system to balance all jobs and their priority scoring against the fleet as a whole to ensure the most efficient allocation of work to maximise the number of jobs that can be completed.

The business now uses FlightStats which is integrated with Sherlock so that the system automatically updates dispatch based on flight changes without any need for manual intervention.

Since implementing auto-allocation, the use of automated channels such as the web portal and customer apps has doubled, running distances to pick-ups have decreased by 40% on average and ASAP response times have halved.

Additionally, Priory has benefited from a reduction in time spent processing driver wages and client invoicing with Jack Barofka, Operations Director, noting, “one of the unexpectedly big benefits of Sherlock is the levels of automation when it comes to invoicing. I used to spend three or four days every month manually doing invoicing, this now takes me half an hour. Similarly, weekly driver wages used to be a nightmare as I manually priced jobs; it would take two people a day to complete – now I simply do a quick check of the system’s calculations, click a button and it’s done.”